Lori Annaheim? Walks on water.

Lou Pugliaresi

Lori did a magnificent job helping me with a PC system I was in need of. After listening to my description of what I was interested in, Lori put together a package of hardware, installed all the software and personalized it, and shipped it to my residence in Florida. The components were carefully packed and shipped in a timely manner. After the parcel arrived Lori talked me thru the assembly and set-up step by step. She has always been prompt and helpful to answer my questions about the use of my PC and its maintenance. The quality of her work and continuing technical support are outstanding–I would recommend Lori to anyone in need of services with business or personal computers.  

–George K

Lori has helped me with my computer problems for nearly 20 years. She’s honest (to a fault), reliable, patient, flexible, worth every dollar, and dependable. Over the years, she’s proven she’s not merely a computer guru: she’s a computer genius.

If you’re reasonable person and want computer solutions ASAP (in an imperfect and ever changing technological Universe), but find yourself stumped by the ever more mysterious world of computer technology, Lori’s, your best answer.or so I contend.”

—Gene C.

“Lori always gives above and beyond to her work! She is so excellent to work with and we feel very lucky to have found her.   —Katherine R.

5/5 stars August 2, 2014

  • She has helped me to purchase and maintain my home computer for about ten yrs.
  • Although she is a little crazy, but so am I, she is a genius with the computer….
  • She kept her appointments on time. She was flexible and would come almost anytime. I work in my home.
  • When working on the job she stayed as long as necessary to make your computer work.
  • Her work is always the highest quality.
  • Sometimes a job takes longer than I expected but she found a loaner computer during the wait time.
  • She needs to accept that the cell phone his tool that will help her to ‘interface’ better with her customers.
  • She is GREAT!

Helen U.

But Lori dear YOU Showed Up!

You were there, well actually here, when I really needed you!

I am grateful, seeing my very nice little station here, (so very efficiently relocated by you in my bedroom/home office).

You were extremely helpful, reliable!  and certainly generous in your time and effort as you rallied for me this evening and bravely sallied forth, disregarding your own personal inconvenience, careened across our baking city during rush-hour, and arrived to my rescue in the nick of time, saving the Digital Day!

Thank you very, very much Lori – well done & very much appreciated

—Joseph R