35 Years of Computer Expertise

Lori AnnaheimDC metropolitan region DC, Virginia, and Maryland

Seeking competent computer help?
Perhaps you’d prefer working with a sincere, patient and versatile woman computer tech, offering reasonable rates.

I have the resources to assist you with any problem or issue your computer might have, including slowness, virus incursions, or just to provide general maintenance, and it won’t cost a fortune.

With 35 years of experience working with large and small businesses as well as making house calls, I can advise and guide you.

Describe your problem, and I’ll deliver a cost effective solution.

I will diagnose and repair, eradicate spyware or virus problems, configure networks, and / or show you how to better utilize what you have.

Upgrades? No problem. Time for a new PC? I can help you choose one that’s optimal for your needs. I will order your computer and install software saving you hundreds of dollars. I also work on Macs.

At work:  You may have a small business but no IT person.  With my help, you can focus on what it is you do best, and let me handle all the pesky or downright bewildering computer and network concerns!  In your home life, you may need my help, or know someone who does. If you’re not a computer aficionado and need guidance, or have a relative who needs  reasonable, expert computer assistance, contact me.  I’ll make sure you’re glad you did.

Location: DC, Virginia and Maryland suburbs — Contact me for computer repairs, upgrades new hardware, or networking:  Lori Annaheim of WordWorks

I have been working for people on Thumbtack.com and here’s a link: http://www.thumbtack.com/WordWorks-FemTechie-Washington-DC/service/1146995

Call 202-363-0810, or use the form below to contact me.

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Service Inquiry
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